Best for Noon Best for Noon

Feel weighed down often?
This isn't detox, its a overhaul inside out & your organs will love you for it. One cup a day is all it takes.

Signature spicy blend with fuller taste. Refreshes system, makes you feel lighter and gets your immunity up.

30 gms - Loose Leaf
(Loose leaf blend for maximum aroma and flavour)
INR 289
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You can count on Himalayan Rhododendron to scrub your blood vessels  clean of cholesterol, while gently countering high blood pressure and boosting the immune system. A healthy heart, strike 1! Next it flushes the stomach clean, promoting rapid fire digestion, strike 2! Finally it clears the toxins residing in the kidneys, giving your body a deep deep cleanse from the inside.

Bay leaves are rich sources of calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. This helps regulate metabolism and reduce joint inflammation throughout the body (goodbye arthritis pain!). Within two minutes of consumption the Tulsi jumps into action neutralizing “Cortisol”, the angry stress hormone. A full detox, healthy joints and no stress. Experience the deep cleanse!

Detoxifies kidneys
Clears stomach
Strengthens heart
Combats stress & anxiety

Bay Leaf
Rama Tulsi


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