Best for Nights Best for Nights

Dull, overworked and overeating often?
Start on road to good health. One cup a day, and you’ll shine like gold in no time.

Signature blend with floral notes. Consists of calming chamomile, healing tulsi and nourishing nettle. Leaves you shining like gold inside out.

30 gms - Loose Leaf
(Loose leaf blend for maximum aroma and flavour)
INR 289
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Nettle leaves contain 10x more magnesium and 29x more calcium than spinach. These minerals are vital for maintaining bone health and overall energy and are incredibly hard to find in modern diets. Nettle also curbs excessive food cravings, making you want to binge less with each cup. What a super leaf!

As you sip the tea, chamomile relaxes your muscles, making it easier for your body to rejuvenate while gently clearing your stomach and detoxifying your skin. That glow coupled with the adaptogens in Tulsi combat “cortisol”, the stress hormone released in our bodies everyday. Within minutes your entire system is balanced, rejuvenated and shining like gold inside out!

Promotes weight loss
Detoxifies skin
Reduces joint inflammation & bone pain
Combats stress & anxiety

Rama Tulsi


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